Tips on Playing Against Pros

To learn to play against the pros, you become a student all over again starting from scratch. You find out fast that one swing does not fit all students and won’t guarantee you will prevail against the pros. It is not easy to beat the pros. There are no hard and fast rules in spite of what some say. What works for one player can hinder another.  To get ahead with your game you must use your natural ability as a baseline for your swing. It takes years of honing your skills. Don’t think there are easy short cuts unless you are a born natural.  It is all about feel. Technology and experience not only help to discover the most efficient route to improvement, but it also creates repeatability. There is something to be said for consistency. When students can consistently repeat the correct fundamentals, with positive, real-time feedback rapid improvement is obtainable.

Feel is real as a precept in learning golf.  Implementing a strong foundation and repeatable swing techniques created from by mentors and pros for students creates greater consistency and more control over the golf shot. Using TrackMan as a guide, for example, you can have reliable swing and ball flight data essential to improving your game.  Instructors can compare swing data from lesson to lesson, ingraining the correct swing, to ball flight and impact, adding confidence to your golf game.

Above all it one who takes it seriously is going to prevail. You can’t make wild assumptions about beating the pros without putting it your dues and having some basic skills. On the other hand, don’t assume you won’t improve enough to get into a good game. It is the challenge of golf to get a good, fair competitor. You want someone who will give you a run for your money. It is important to be matched well if you can. Even novices have their counterparts.