Saves me a Visit to the Pro Shop

I am a busy man. I have my all day job at the golf course and then my responsibilities at home. I am a do it yourself kind of person so I enjoy spending weekends around the house and yard sprucing things up. There is always some landscaping task the lawn to mow. I like to plant seasonal flowers whenever I can. As a result of all my time-consuming efforts, the house looks great, in tip top condition. Where I draw the line is the car. I do not work on engines. The best I can offer is a good washing and chrome polishing now and then. My preferences clearly lie with the house. My wife makes a list of things to do in order of priority and I try to get them all done within a month’s time. Don’t feel sorry for me that I have all these tasks. I still have time for friends and family on weekends, especially at night. I take advantage of any free moments to entertain in my basement rec room. I have a giant plasma TV ideal for watching any ball games or golf tournaments. Those occur mostly in the day time so on those occasions, I take a breather from household chores. I like to do the shopping and run errands rather than sitting around the house. My home is indeed my castle. Installing a home theater makes it even more so. I more than enjoy a busy life. Work and play: that is the balance we all seek.

Having accomplished all of the items on my to do list, I then proceeded to work on removing the old and worn grips from my golf clubs. I have a home air compressor perfect to help me execute this job. Being able to do it myself saves me a trip to the pro shop. I don’t mind errands, but this is one I don’t need to do. I was able, with the help of the compressor, to do a pretty good job. The appearance of the clubs was certainly improved. I use the compressor for other tasks, and this was an odd one to be sure. These tools are a must for anyone with a workshop in the garage. You don’t have to have old golf clubs to require buying one. Remember they inflate tires.

There finally came a time when I had gotten so much done that I was practically idle. I must have been working at an accelerated pace for months. I was an eager beaver to prove I could handle any task, but it now leaves me with too much free time. I may have to build something like an outdoor pergola or kitchen on the terrace in the back yard. This will take at least a few months and will certainly occupy my mind and body. I might even pop over to the pro shop to see what is new.