My Favorite Golf Courses

I wouldn’t want to make an exhaustive list of my favorite golf courses lest I offend someone whose course I frequent often. It would be most prudent to say that I love them all! There are many such in my area of Ontario, Canada. You would have to list courses outside of Canada which would include the incomparable St. Andrews Scotland, one of the rarest gems on earth. Of course it stands out. Now there are courses I like simply because of the people I played with there. In Beverly Hills, California, there is a mundane public course on which I played with Matt Damon one day, a course regular. I never forgot the experience hence it is has special place in my heart. Then Central Oregon has a nice course like Brasada Canyons, and Black Butte Ranch. No list would be complete without the incomparable one-of-a-kind award-winning Pebble Beach, on the spectacular location of the 17-mile coast line, like none other on earth, near the picturesque vistas of Spanish Bay. Just being near the crashing waves against the jagged rocks makes you play golf better they say. There is no place like Pebble Beach in north America and a golfer must visit it at least once..  If you find yourself on the east coast, by contrast, you can go to Tranquilo Golf Club at the Four Seasons Resort in Orlando, Florida. It is often a matter where you choose to go on vacation or if you want a change of scene such as Hawaii, North Carolina, or Arizona. Good golf is not hard to find in almost every state of the union even Alaska. Do yourself a favor and try a few new ones once in a while before you wander off internationally in exploration of new-found courses.