Marketing and Branding

I wanted to promote my golf instruction business and figure out a way to get the word out. My students of course were a big help in getting my referrals but I needed more than that. Any business, even if it is one person at a golf course, needs to grow. Of course you need a business plan that dictates your hours, locations, and how many people you can accommodate. The plan should also deal with publicity and promotion. One idea I had was to get a local newspaper to do a story on me and the interesting celebrities I have coached. Another was to include testimonials on my website of happy clients. People do look on your website these days to gather information and find out a little bit about who you are. The site should have photos and embedded videos of some instruction techniques. The contact information should be easy to find and you must include a way for visitors to the site to sign up for your emails and/or newsletter.

So it is all about marketing and branding when you have a business. It doesn’t just happen on its own. It must be built and nurtured over time. The idea is to get attention from prospective students and to become known as the best local pro. You can make flyers for a little added exposure especially if you have a special offer: let’s say a day of golf lessons for a discounted price or a group lesson for half the usual fee. All of these things: the newspaper article, the flyer, the website work, but there was one more idea I had to try. I wanted to paint a stencil of my company logo and phone number on my golf cart. I had an airless paint sprayer in the garage and realized that it hadn’t been used in ages. I got it out, cleaned it, and drove the cart home. I decided on the size and placement of the logo and if I wanted to add any more information. I preferred to keep it simple. I think people at the course will get the idea. Most know who I am. I wanted a reminder that was highly visible and colorful. It had to catch the wandering eye. The paint sprayer made the job easy and it looked very professional if I have to say so myself. I won’t be embarrassed by the quality. It won’t look like a do it yourself job.

It worked very well. I know because people commented on what a good idea it was. These were people who know me, but strangers also asked about my lessons. There is always a need for coaching when it comes to golf. New people start the sport all the time and don’t have a clue how to begin. It makes my business one that is in demand. I have an excellent program and a good reputation. Now all I needed was promotion.