Just Doing my Duty

Any Wildfire pro-am golf event is a major crowd pleaser and a local attraction of renown. It takes a committee of people dedicated to making sure that everything proceeds properly and there are no glitches. We have had people who failed to perform their duties in the past with disastrous results. So when a committee is formed, it better consist of reliable people. The event has to have publicity and press coverage. It has to start on time and all bases covered from start to finish. We also celebrate the top golfer of the day with a reception. Catering has to be organized and a location scouted out so that it is a pleasant experience. We do many events per year so we practically have a ready-made agenda. As long as experienced people are always included in the planning, nothing can go wrong. At least not anymore. There were times when things went haywire. I remember when we started doing brochures to promote the Wildfire pro-am and they fell apart. These were important elements in the publicity category and the consequences were felt far and wide. We had to scramble at the last minute to find other solutions. We ended up with one-page color flyers, which wasn’t a bad idea, but certainly not as nice as a brochure. Flyers can be a little cheesy and easily become overlooked.

So I was asked to be responsible for the brochures for our last pro-am and it was a job I would take seriously. To run a smoothly-operating organization, you give yourself a schedule to follow. I was anxious to order my paper, write the copy, and get ready for the printing, all far in advance. We had several great photos to include and they had to be placed appropriately. Over all, I think it was an attractive brochure sure to get us the promotion we needed. But remember, in the past, the brochures had fallen apart. Frankly, I am not sure exactly why. I think it was the cheap elementary school style stapler used for the job. The staples were always jamming and sometimes came out two at a time. I was not about to let this happen again. I borrowed an electric heavy-duty stapler and tested it many times. I had to wait for the proof copy to arrive from the printer. Once I accepted the color quality and the paper, I ordered the first batch. I was waiting in the wings with my stapler to get buy assembling the brochure. It worked well and I waited for the next batch. It was a nice little booklet and it looked like the staples were going to be permanent. I didn’t need to panic. But another sloppy job wouldn’t be tolerated. I was looking for perfection. It’s all in the tools you use. I got a really good one I could rely on. Everyone was pleased with the quality of the work and we proceeded to get the brochures in circulation to promote our event.