Dress the Part

When you are a golf pro, you have to dress the part. The image you portray is part of the sport. When people think about golfers, they think snappy pants and sweaters in the colder weather and logo polo shirts in the summer. I have been known to spot crisp white pants on more than a few golfers. Other sports don’t seem to have this same cachet. You can wear virtually anything to bowl or play tennis. However, tennis used to be a stylish sport in the good old days. I wonder what happened. Now I will have to rely on golf for my good example.

There are certain must haves when playing golf. I mentioned the clothing, but there is also the requisite shoes, sunglasses optional, and caps. For me, I add a Shinola watch with a leather strap to finish the look. I like the design and comfortable feel when I am out on the course. There are other brand, and I have tried more than a few; but I settled on this one as my favorite. No giant ugly black sport watch for golfing. I like the classic elegance of the Shinola. I will never regret making the decision to opt for quality and style. As I mentioned, dressing for golf, which includes all the accessories, is all about appearance. I don’t like to see teenagers playing looking like bums in torn jeans and logo tees with nasty sayings. I have appealed to the board that manages the course to outlaw such attire. I expect positive results from the vote in a few weeks. Who wouldn’t want to rule against outlandish behavior? Golfing isn’t meant to be for slobs.

Some weeks later, the board did in fact vote to have a dress code. The young players who were used to wearing unsightly clothing rebelled. They mounted a protest in front of the club room, complete with giant signs that said “unfair rules.” It was embarrassing for the club staff and members and they almost acquiesced and repealed the clothing standard. With support from members like me, they stuck their ground. I was so thankful that I addressed the next protest wearing my best golf outfit and Shinola watch. “Here’s what golf attire looks like,” I shouted. I got back a lot of boos. So here is what I did. I convinced the golf shop to offer free clothing, one to a customer. Oddly enough, this action got a favorable response from the crowd. One by one, the teens entered the shot and were outfitted in new clothing. After about an hour, the last one was done. I asked to take a photo of them for the Golf Club newsletter and they agreed. I had pulled off a major coup. It was genius public relations. You have to understand teen psychology to get why it worked.

Since that day, the golfers of all ages have never looked better. The board silently thanked me for my help and granted me an extended membership to include family and friends.