Classin’ up the Place

The lounge at the golf course form premier members has a large wine refrigerator full of the best domestic and imported brands. They also have a full bar for those who want beer or mixed drinks. It is a comfortable and casual place where people can relax and enjoy some golf conversation. I have always liked the lounge and often take my students there after a lesson. It is a popular spot for people before and after a round of golf. The course is very social in orientation and also has a dining room for all meals.

I took notice of the large wine refrigerator because I have a rec room in my basement at home that I want to turn into a kind of mock lounge. There is plenty of room to put in a wet bar, some bar stools, and a home entertainment center. I will include a small version of the wine fridge at the course to class up the place. I will start making an effort to buy some cases of good wine. I can store at least one so each bottle will be properly chilled if it is white. There is a special section for reds that has a different temperature control. It will be a modest version of the fabulous wine cooler in the public lounge.

I hired a contractor to draw up some plans and he made suggestions where to install the bar and gave me some wine refrigerator reviews to look over, so I could choose which one would suit us best. We wanted it under counter to save space along the walls. The entertainment center was going to take up a lot of room. I needed to order a half dozen upholstered chairs for TV viewing and a card table and small chairs for when we wanted to indulge in a round of poker. I had some great professional golf photos enlarged and framed to decorate the many empty walls. It was going to be efficient, comfortable, and fun.

The first party I had in the rec room was a big success. I stressed a wine and cheese concept so I could focus on the contents of the wine fridge. People noticed and many commented that all they could do at home was use a conventional refrigerator that had no separate temperature controls for whites or reds. A wine fridge is indeed a touch of luxury. If class was what we wanted, we got it. People enjoyed looking through our wine collection to see if it merited such special attention. Maybe I should I have bought a larger size, but I was a bit intimidated by looking too ostentatious. After all, if you can cool a case of wine, that ought to be enough for one party. I had a few more cases of both whites and reds in a cabinet next to the wet bar’s sink. My parties are on the small size, so I could accommodate everyone. I love having my own version of the gold course’s lounge.