Choosing the Right Clubs


Choosing the Right Clubs

Golf is a game of hand eye coordination and consummate skill. That’s why people love it so. It is rising in popularity and not just because of the aging population. It is because no two games are alike. Choosing the right clubs give you the edge you need to beat the competition and come out on top. It is important to have your own set of clubs and to be custom fitted. A glance at a few YouTube videos will teach you everything you need to know if you don’t have a pro golfer on hand to do the job for you. First you will consider the drivers, performance on every swing. The TaylorMade M1 boasts a multi-material construction – It’s the key that unlocks performance.  This construction is highlighted by our proprietary 7-layer Carbon Composite Crown that is precision-formed and built ultra-thin, ultra-lite and high strength to maximize weight savings.  This addition has allowed us to build a weight-loaded sole and move overall clubhead weight (and, thus, the center-of-gravity) lower for a more efficient power transfer; giving golfers more ball speed.

Here are some of my favorite clubs.

The Carbon Composite Crown has also allowed us to give golfers 25 grams of multi-directional adjustability, allowing them to personalize launch conditions – fit to their swing – and optimize ball-flight, trajectory and, ultimately, distance.

Next on the list is the TaylorMade M1first Carbon Crown Fairway that lowers CG for optimal launch conditions. 30g (two at 15g) of sliding weight allows golfers to personalize trajectory to maximize performance and. The first carbon crown fairway lowers CG for optimal launch conditions and speed with every shot.  The trajectory personalization thanks to the split 30g (2-15g) Sliding Weights allows golfers to personalize their shot shape to maximize performance and consistency.

Players seeking distance and playability and shot shape personalization to dial in launch conditions with their fairway wood. The carbon Composite Crown shifts weight low for optimal launch and spin conditions

TaylorMade’s M2 irons are distance machines – engineered to fly farther AND higher.  When we set out to design M2 irons, our focus was to achieve maximum. When we set out to design M2 irons, our focus was to achieve maximum distance without sacrificing the peak trajectory. The advanced materials and technologies that went into M2 irons enable the ball to not only go far, but high as well.

Because we were able to engineer irons that fly far AND high, M2 irons can deliver dramatic distance from every iron, for all golfers. This synergy of distance and height was accomplished through a unique combination of features and technologies. Distance will get you to the green – but distance and height – will help you stay there. This is the key concept behind M2 Irons.

You can’t play without a wedge. The TaylorMade electroformed Nickel Cobalt grooves provide long lasting spin. The Tour Preferred EF Wedge now comes in a soft 1025 carbon steel body with a SatinChrome finish. the electroformed Nickel Cobalt grooves provide long lasting spin plus has

  • Soft 1025 carbon steel body
  • Glare reducing dark smoke PVD finish
  • KBS Tour wedge shaft
  • Golf Pride Tour Velvet Red Cap Grip

Want to know about putters? Go Bigger; Get Better… Make More Putts.Oversized heads increase stability at impact, keeping you more on line and into the hole more often. Vertical, Deep-milled insert allows for better ball gripping for improved roll, sound, and feel. Raised high contrast sight line makes it easier to aim. Skin-milled surfaces offer the ultimate in high-quality finishing.

The new OS & OS CB putters, provide a larger, high moment of inertial (MOI) design exhibiting an expanded sweet spot and improved alignment system. The latest in putter stability innovation from TaylorMade Golf comes in both OS (Over Size) and CB (Counter Balance) designations. The OS models feature slightly larger head sizes than traditional putters while also delivering higher moment of inertia. For players seeking even more stability, the OS CB models are even larger in size, deliver higher moment of inertia and feature counterbalance technology to stabilize and smooth the putting stroke.

This is the tip of the iceberg and there is a lot more to learn about clubs and strokes before you reach golf perfection. We are just suggesting some basic introductory material so you have a focus. Get a pro to demonstrate each club for you.