Benefits of a Good Golf Clinic

Any serious golfer worthy of the name will take a golf clinic now and then to improve aim and stroke. You might find you learn a few surprising tricks. Don’t assume you don’t need one unless you want to stagnate in your game. Sure you can look at videos on line: 28 seconds to learn good golf swing tips just like the master’s. Or ten lessons from Hank Haney so you can play better golf in the very next round. It isn’t that simple. I wish we could believe it. Why not go to a country club in person, hire a pro, and get some real sound advise you can implement for life without kidding yourself that a few seconds instruction is all you need to be sublime at the game.  There is nothing like having the individual right there at your side. You will have more concrete interaction and a real life exchange.

Most courses have golf clinics that encourage all of its students to make their golf game a priority, which is why lessons are included in the school tuition as a result. Lessons, taught by seasoned PGA professionals, are available five days a week ideally so you can pick and choose your time. Instructors offer training in state-of-the-art swing lab, or on the range if you prefer, so rain or shine your game will only improve.

If working on your game is a top priority in your life, consider taking a clinic. Check out the facilities where lessons are given and see what there is to offer. Getting a glimpse of what life could be like if you were a clinic student, playing golf every single day, can be eye-opening.

When choosing a good golf camp, you want a convenient location so you will go often. You also want tailored instruction with hand-picked instructors based on your specific golf goals. You will want some flexibility in your scheduling to accommodate the needs of your busy life. It is all about getting your compliance so you don’t have any excuses not to attend. You want to make golf a real part of your athletic life so choose a clinic or series of classes that work accordingly.

Fitness is an extremely important component to any golfer’s game. Many Golf Academies and clinics now offers private TPI Fitness Screening sessions, giving golfers the opportunity to experience the same physical assessment and fitness training as the pros, regardless of age, current fitness level or handicap.

The assessment identifies physical imbalances, and a Golf Fitness Handicap (GFH) is established. The GFH is equivalent to a golf handicap in terms of physical capabilities. A fitness program is then designed to correct those imbalances and improve stability, mobility, flexibility, balance, posture, strength and power. Improved physical fitness levels increase endurance and injury prevention, improving performance.

TPI Fitness Screening Includes: Physical assessment, video analysis, TPI-generated workout program, and access to TPI literature and video exercises (viewable from iPhone or other compatible mobile device).